Ladies Sexy Costumes – The Time Has Come, Leave Your Soccer Mom Hat at Home!

April 10, 2016

What ever the costume choice the time is right at Halloween for ladies sexy costumes. It’s the one time of year when women who have to remained politically correct in both the way they dress and behave get to cut the ties that bind them. Bring out your deep down sexual nature, break free at Halloween and wear the sexiest costume ever.

Don’t let fear of condemnation or ridicule hold you back! What do you care what people say. Dressing in a sexually enticing costume screams confidence, (just ask any man, they will tell you they wish their wife would). Be your own person, this isn’t high school anymore; you’re a smart and classy woman who shoulders tons of responsibility throughout the year. All of us women are entitled to let loose once a year and let our most feminine side show. Like momma always said, “If you got it; flaunt it!”

Dressing in a ladies sexy costume does not mean looking raunchy. With the increase in tasteful sexy costumes in the past few years the choices are limitless. Imagine a sweet little Bo-peep with a deep sweetheart neckline, a short ruffled skirt and white tights. Now who could call Bo-peep trashy? You get the idea, now use your imagination.

Even Disney does sexy. Take a look at Tinkerbell; it’s clear that it was male animators that came up with that little blonde bombshell fairy. Speaking of blonde, why not consider a wig to go with that hot Halloween costume? For the price of one meal out you can have a complete transformation into, “SEXY-CITY!” Besides Halloween, think of the fun you can have with that personally to change things up at home behind closed doors. Now that’s getting your moneys worth.

Don’t get caught up on losing weight or a specific body part you wish was smaller. The average American woman wears a size 14, which is a large in sexy costumes. Set yourself free from the self degradation for one night and embrace the way you look. Each and every one of us has felt sexy when we are dressed up in lingerie or fancy underwear, why is a ladies sexy costume any different? When you can feel that good when looking in the mirror, and better yet, receive confidence boosting compliments all night why wouldn’t you go for it?

If you really can’t get past that one problem area cover it and show off the rest of your beautiful self. If you carry your weight around your middle, choose a short skirted costume and wear high heeled boots to balance yourself out. If you are heavier on the bottom wear a long flowing skirt with big slits to reveal a peak of what lies underneath, and accentuate your bust line. Another good trick is to accessorize with a large eye catching belt, or draw the eye up with a themed matching hat.

Accessorizing your sexy costume with theme related props serves more than one purpose. The props can be had very inexpensively and really add to the overall look being complete. Even more importantly, if you’re nervous it will give you something to hang on to. Prop’s make great conversation starters, and you will be giving all the party goers an easy way to approach you and start up a conversation.

Halloween is about fun, and why should just the kid’s enjoy it? Adults are the ones with all the responsibility and hard work; we are the one’s that have earned the break. Take the time to highlight your feminine side and show the world you’re beautiful inside and out. Buying the right ladies sexy costume can set you free to have the best Halloween ever. Let the party know you have arrived, and let the compliments flow free all night.

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