Sexy Storybook Wear Costume Ideas for the Modern Day Woman

October 10, 2016

Many storybook characters are popular costume choices for attending masquerade parties and or creating good role-playing games behind bedroom doors. By dressing up as a little girl, a storybook maiden, or damsel, you can highlight your naughty or innocent character and satisfy your fantasies as a result. You only have to find a good storybook wear costume that flatters your body, highlights a fashion sense, and enhances a primary theme. Even though there are many characters that you can go for, consider the following sexy costume ideas when to add spice to your life:


Alice from the Alice in Wonderland storybook is a popular fairy tale character that makes a good storybook costume. Whether you want to highlight your innocent nature or just want to look hot and sexy when celebrating a special occasion, you can choose from many variations of the original Alice costume. For instance, if you want to highlight a contemporary look using an Alice storybook wear costume; why not go for the classic blue and white dress that the main character adorned? You can then use a long blond wig, headband, and matching bows to complement your look. However, if you want to add a stint of class while looking sexy in this costume, a short flirty dress that has beautiful embroideries and embellishments can work well. You can even accessorize it using a checked, saucy thigh high and a matching thong to look more erotic. When you bend or perform your characteristic Alice dance, you will look flirty, tease your partner, and prepare the platform for a steamy night.

Snow White

The fairy tale princess, Snow White, is a popular storybook character appreciated all over the world. Many women envy Snow White because of her exceptional beauty, kindness, and charming nature that made her a jewel in the eyes of her prince. If you want to have the same effect over your lover and or spouse, a decent Snow White storybook wear costume work the trick. With the predominant nature of this character, you can find several adult Snow White costume ideas from both online and offline sources. For instance, if you want to highlight a classic look based on the real Snow White outfit, a long ball gown dress that spans the length of your ankle is suitable. Make sure that the design suits your body shape and size and that materials that are comfortable. To become a sexy version of Snow White, keep the length of your dress short and buy a lacy design that has appealing embellishments. For example, a design that has an embroidered neckline, detachable satin cape, a matching petticoat, and puffy sleeves exhibits a sexy princess appearance. To tickle the fantasy of your partner, go for a design that has a laced or zipped front part for easier access.


Goldilocks is an exquisite storybook wear costume, especially if you want to mimic a seductive home intruder. If you are creative, you can use your Goldilocks costume to spice up your bedroom fantasies and therefore, improve your sex life and relationship in general. After you have worn your pale yellow strapless dress, thigh high white stockings, and cascading blond wig, you can then test your bed to know whether it is comfy. However, unlike Goldilocks, make sure that your partner has your “porridge” in bed and that you feed each other all night long until you can drink no more.

Storybook wear costumes are good accessories for recreating main characters, highlighting an idea, and improving your sex life. Even though there are many characters and designs that you can go for, it is advisable that you customize your costumes to look unique and highlight your personality. Use your creativity, props, and accessories to turn your storybook character a reality.

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